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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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hearing answering yes, sir, no, sir, when the judge asked him if he could afford a lawyer. he made $625 over the last two weeks working for the private security firm securitas in ohio. the judge appointed a private attorney to defend him. >> in charlottesville, bruce leshan, wusa 9. we stay in the city where they say this rally does not represent who they are. peter muntean spent time listening today about the spirit about the city and the people who call it home. >> reporter: the memorials here are numerous, but that is not what the town wants you to remember. they want you to see charlottesville being charlottesville. things getting back to normal this monday. they insist this is a small town. >> the lunch crowd here
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nearly normal, flowers in hand. they flooded 4th street this monday, a break to reflect, a break to grieve. >> it is really tough. >> reporter: the caring with two kids, they handed carnations to anyone who looked sad. mom is getting her ph.d. here. >> it has become a lightening rod and we have become a pawn and this isn't how we do things here. >> reporter: that doesn't represent charlottesville or the citizens of charlottesville. >> reporter: kelly was scared. the goal now, a run of the mill monday. >> i think we will be fine. just give us time. >> reporter: nazi white supremacists skipped town. some shops here stayed open. will manages restaurants in town. >> i think the people who know charlottesville, this is a city that is greater than one tragic
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>> reporter: this is the march now. there is power in numbers. just ask the 46,000 living in charlottesville, virginia. >> we are a very open, welcoming city and we will continue to be. not even that big of a police presence here. in fact, the only street closed down is 4th street southeast right here. things getting slowly back to normal here. the next sign of normal life, a concert wednesday life. uva students come back next week. live in charlottesville, wusa 9. organizers of the white nationalists rally spoke and continue to blame police for that rally getting out of hand. here is more. >> reporter: yes. good evening. richard spencer spent much of the press conference here blamine
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and the mayor for events that went down on saturday saying they their right to free speech was supressed. he said the police department didn't let this group to protest and to hold their rally there on saturday. when asked about president donald trump's remarks today condemning white supremacists groups, he didn't think the president was even addressing anyone in that room. he also said he couldn't take the president's comments seriously and wrote them off as somewhat of a joke. when he was asked about the horrific incident saturday involving the protesters who ran over at least a dozen protesters killing another woman, he basically said that he would not condemn the suspect in that case at this time. he wanted to get a little bit more information and said there is different video out there at this time and said he would hope a fair trial would bring the information to light. here is
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to say. the mayor and governor have blood on their hands. they are absolutely responsible for the disgusting chaos that ensued in charlottesville, virginia. they exas baited a chaotic situation. they did a police crackdown on some of the most people in the rally. now, spencer went on to say that because he feels that their right to free speech was supressed they have no choice but to go back to charlottesville. >> president trump gave another response that including addressing the hate groups that triggered the unrest. >> racism is
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cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs including the kkk, neonazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repoignant to everything we hold dear as americans. we are a nation founded on the truth. that all of us are created equal. we're equal in the eyes of our creator, equal under the law. and we are equal. >> opponents and supporters criticized the president for failing to do this on saturday and it cost him an ad visor, ceo of the third largest company resigned. merck chairman said he wants to take a stand against it. he released
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that america's leaders must reject hatred and bigotry. president donald trump said he will have more time to rip-off drug prices. >> >> many of the people took part in the rally on saturday. all thanks to a twitter account called yes, you're racist. it is dedicated to exposing racist people and it picked followers after photos started going on social media. the account takes the photos and focuses on one person specifically. the man who runs the site, twitter page, asks for their identity and posts the name once they get it. in one case, one guy got fired after he was included in his tweet and included a statement trom the man's employer. so the guy who runs it spoke to us about why he started that twitter page. he said not trying to get anyone fired, but everyone should know who is a tending white supremacist rallies. he didn't tell us his me
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fear of retaliation. he has gotten death threats. families and colleagues are mourning the loss of two state troopers killed covering saturday's protest. the chopper was trying to help law enforcement when it crashed near a home. witnesses say they saw the helicopter circling unnaturally before it went down in a tailspin. 48-year-old pilot lieutenant h. j. colin and 40-year-old trooper pilot berke mm bates of virginia both died at the scene. stay with wusa 9 for all the developments on this story and you can check for the latest news anytime on our wusa 9 app. there is something developing right now in the atlantic ocean. tropical storm gurt. how it might affect us >> . it looks okay right now. maybe strong rip currents through the next few days but right now it will behave as according to plans. it will
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become a hurricane tonight. probably to the west of bermuda. this is now at the 2:00 a.m. tonight, we could see winds up to 60 miles per hour. then we get into the tuesday time frame into wednesday category 1. winds could be up to 80 to 90 miles per hour then. it will turn back to the northeast and go to the shipping lanes so that is good news. we'll continue to see about wednesday afternoon, wednesday night and thursday. we're tracking a few showers closer to home. a couple toward frederick, not a lot of heavy activity. a couple out i 66. heaviest has been north of germantown toward frederick and back into martin's berg. these are moving off to the north and east through the next 20 minutes or so. a couple showers popped up around silver spring and back into laurel. baltimore or even out u.s. 1, a couple showers there, but they are light. we'll come back and talk about
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will have the best chance for big storms. >> >> still ahead here on wusa 9, all the violence from charlottesville started because of a rally over a monument. many cities are dealing with it including here one at home. we'll break down the debate coming up. after the break we'll remember the
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loved ones of a 17-year-old shot and killed are remembering her tonight. she was shot by a stray bullet as she drove last thursday. she was
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college in a few days. her former teacher and choir instructor shared some of her memories. >> she was -- you wanted her around and she was always somebody i enjoyed having in my space. she was always singing, always dancing. you wanted her around. she was just beautiful, a beautiful spirit. she still lives on. her memory lives on and i hope that they would have the same kind of spirit that she had about life and friendship and dedication and motivation. she is an inspiration. >> coming up on wusa 9, after stress of a nuclear attack from north korea, guam is coming together to try to bring peace. and with so much anger and hatred in the world right
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for the gunman who shot and killed three men at a drag strip in wisconsin. witnesses say this person walked up to those three people and just started shooting them and two of them died as other people ran for cover. a third person died as medics rushed him to the hospital. investigators say those three men had ties to gangs in illinois and they have reason to suspect this was a gang related hit. around the world more than 200 bodies have been recovered after heavy flooding and mudslides. many of the streets there were filled with rushing ground water. the areas hit are close to sea level. they have poor drainage systems and the number of people who died is expected to rise.
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now. we're trying to show the world the people here are peace loving people. i don't want to harm anyone in north korea and we don't want anyone to harm us. it is time we think about peace and ways to promote peace. guam is a key out post for the u.s. military and uses it for a base for bombers and submarines. at least one military officer agrees with them. he reiterated the u.s. wants to peacefully resolve this rift with north korea but the u.s. is ready to use force if provoked. he made comments during a meeting with south korean officials to ease anxiety. as more cities in the united states give body cameras to their police officers, thndon scotland yard rolls out
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program in the world. london police are equipping most of the armed officers with head mounted cameras but it is not without controversy. >> reporter: for the first time in its 188 year history, london's metropolitan police department is giving officers head mounted cameras in an effort to provide more transparency and accountability. >> they are action cameras. >> reporter: the head cams. the change comes six years after a controversial police shooting of a man which sparked riots across the uk. some wanted to equip officers with cameras. >> it is critical to maintain the ic
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>> most don't carry guns. it took longer to supply armed police cameras as they experimented with the best place to mount them. for police with guns showed they were not effective. they blocked the view of the recorder. they found head cameras were by far the best option. but scotland yard have yet to equip undercover police and it is those situations that most need to be caught on video. further tests will be done to decide if those covert officers should be armed with cameras too. teri okita, cbs news, london. now, wusa 9's first alert weather. so the day you have been waiting all these years for is just a week away. >> yes. next monday we have the eclipse. we're having an event to watch. >> do you have your glasses? >> yes, not the counterfeit on
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page and about the event. you can join us. >> cool. >> let's talk about the eclipse because there are some things you may know, maybe you know already. it is a week out. pretty exciting. not going to be a total eclipse for us, but it will be pretty cool. it starts at 1:17. quarter to 3:00 next monday at max. by that we mean 81% totality. you want totality, you have to go there. it will end at 4:01. that is the deal now. the totality has a 70-mile wall shadow travels at 2,000 miles an hour. even with protected eye wear, we'll hand that out at the event. 3 minutes is the max you can look directly into the sun even with the glasses. april2024 is the next. this is unusual, there are
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collections every year, but it is the very unusual to see totality across the entire country. that is pretty cool. 83 today. i think we will be okay. a little worried at first with clouds and showers, but i think that will work out all right. a look outside. we're down to 78. this is interesting. feels like it is 80, kind of muggy. a bad hair day. here is the radar over the last hour. notice all shades of green. nothing crazy heavy. a little bit, maybe enough to wet the pavement north of germantown and then you jump west of i 81. heavier activities with yellow showing up there but this is all light. turning a little bit
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85 tomorrow. 90 on wednesday. 91 thursday. 89 on friday. 90 on saturday. here is a look at the forecast. 8:00 tonight, again a couple showers possible north of town. light activity. by 10:00, a couple showers well north. a lot of clouds though. you saw the line of showers and storms roll in before dawn. that is possible. another batch of showers by lunchtime. might not want to walk to lunch without an umbrella tomorrow. 80 downtown by lunchtime. south and east of us. clouds beginning to clear out. out to the west of us 83 downtown. by 7:30 tomorrow, there could be a couple showers primarily east of i-95. on the dayplanner, a couple showers early. maybe even a thunderstorm early and then 78 by 11:00. a collapse of a shower
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isolated thunderstorm on wednesday 90. the next several days. friday could be a lot of showers and storms on friday that could affect the plans. then washington plays on saturday hosting green bay. hot and dry. hot on sunday. hot on monday and back in the 80s. >> all these people making plans to travel to the eclipse. if it is a day like today, we're dead. game is over. >> game over. >> well, let's think positive. we have a week to figure us out. >> at least we're not traveling anywhere. we hope it is nice and we'll keep you posted. >> the mooch coming back. anthony scaramucci will be on the late show with stephen colbert tonight, one of the first interviews, after his record ten days on the job. you can watch that tonight after us here on the news at 11:00. >> should be entertaining. >> just after the br a
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one big consumer headline today, amazon is offering a refund to you if you bought counterfeit eclipse glasses to watch next week. the retail giant says they may not come from a recommended manufacturer. here is more. >> reporter: it is being referred to as the super bowl of the sky. the total eclipse next monday will give americans a rare chance to see a phenom nen. she bought these to watch. thousands of us probably because them, because they are cheap. >> reporter: days later she got a letter recalling the potentially phony frame. the letter reads we recommend
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view the sun or eclipse. also warns customers inappropriate glasses can result in the loss of vision or permanent blindness. >> be very, very careful. the warnings that you hear are right. >> reporter: it is a lesson he learned the hard way. the 80-year-old permanently lost part of his vision when he watched the first eclipse at age nine. >> there is a spot at my focus. it was just a blur. if you don't have proper eye protection, it is dangerous for people to look at the sun even for brief periods of time, because you can cause permanent damage to the retina and it is close to burning a hole in the retina. there is a list
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special viewing glasses, not the ones recalled, provided. you'll be required to sign a waiver. go to our wusa 9 facebook page to learn more. wusa 9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> a d.c. firefighter is recovering after he got attacked while trying to help a toddler. stephanie, you found out that the firefighter was drunk on the job? >> reporter: adam,
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right. my sources tell me that firefighter emt was drunk on the job. it was supposed to be a routine medical call but it turned chaotic. this unfolded sunday. authorities say the firefighter went to help a three-year-old who was hurt after possibly falling. while on the scene, authorities say the firefighter was attacked by several people. his jaw was broken. i listened to the radio call and mpd backup is requested. listen in. we need -- we need -- >> reporter: the firefighter joined the department in september of 2007. he is now the subject of a comprehensive internal review. stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. it will be interesting to find out what


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